In today’s fast paced society, it is impossible to avoid stress in our lives. For married couples, external sources of stress around work in and out of the home and income are overriding stresses that couples try to deal with. Communication and functional ways of handling conflict are also vital.

Based on results from the first 20,000 couples to complete PREPARE/ENRICH, the top 5 stressors for married couples were: 

  • Married Couples: 
    1. Your spouse
    2. Your job
    3. Feeling emotionally upset
    4. Inadequate income
    5. Too much to do around the home

    Couples may find it difficult to reconcile independence, (frequently expressed as a control of money) with the mutuality and compromise that are characteristic of marital harmony.

    Discussion: if you haven’t decided how to handle our finances yet, work through these questions with your partner:

    • Who will make the decision in regards to how you handle your finances?
    • How will you set up your joint account(s)?
    • How do you plan to spend, save, and/or give away a portion of your income?
    • How can you work toward a financial plan?

    Are you concerned that your partners is more of a spender than you? These can become serious issues in relationships and the earlier they are tackled, the better your relationship is likely to be.

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