For dating couples, work and finances are key sources of stress, or external events which cause an emotional or physical reaction. When a stressor cannot be eliminated, it is important to look at how one reacts or copes in response to the stressor.

From last weeks post, one thing we know is that if financial distress reduces a person’s capacity to plan, it also interferes with a couples perception of a meaningful future together. It is this that primarily reduces psychological wellbeing.

An analysis of a sample of 520 PREPARE/ENRICH couples revealed that individual income is positively and significantly correlated with positive couple agreement scores in a number of key categories. The greater the income the higher the couple satisfaction.

This seems to indicate that financial hardship (associated with lower levels of income) interferes with and inhibits planning and implementation of activities and goals that are finance-related or costly.

For lower income couples, setting up and managing budgets becomes difficult and couple conflict is more likely. Also, engaging in costly leisure activities and spending time with friends and family in such activities becomes more difficult for financially troubled couples.


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