Getting caught up in the drudgery of daily life is normal and setting aside time at the end of every (hectic) day is important (and rewarding) yet we often felt like it is another draining task that needs to be completed before we can finally relax.

If this situation sounds familiar – you’re in luck! Checking in with your partner shouldn’t feel forced, but if you sometimes don’t have the energy to put into thinking of things to talk about, we’ve put together some conversation inspiration (and few things to keep in mind) for when it’s time to check in with your partner. 

Keep in mind every conversation doesn’t have to conclude with groundbreaking new insights or resolutions of big conflicts.

    Daily Life

    • Go through the list of tasks you both do for your family in a day. Are you aware of everything your partner does?
    • Talk about the part of the day you look forward to the most. What part of the day does your partner look forward to?
    • Are there parts of your lifestyle you want to change or improve on? What does your partner think?

    If your partner doesn’t know much about your workday, talk to them about how you spend your eight hours at work. This might give you a new level of understanding!

    Keep in mind:

      Focus on the two of you (well, most of the time). It’s okay to mention the kids or others, but try to mainly check in about your relationship. You get the entire rest of the day to text, chat, or email each other about life, so try to make your check in time just for you and your partner.
      Evaluate over time. You might find you like the structure you’ve put in place to create the habit or you might find it is completely annoying and you’d prefer checking in to be more casual. Good news — you and your partner can do whatever works for your relationship. I would encourage you to try new things, but with time, evaluate what actually is helping.

    If you’ve been following the “check in” series here on the blog you know making time to talk to your partner is healthy for your relationship. But no one wants to force this type of interaction. Don’t feel like you are failing if you need some guidance early on to make checking in a habit.

    We all run into roadblocks. Checking in will strengthen your relationship, and if it’s not feeling natural already, it will!

    Discuss your results from the Couple Checkup.

    • Share negative feelings with your partner.
    • Talk about how you solve disagreements together.

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